Kristian Power 

Lori Frederick​

  Barnation Creations started out in the fall of 2018 when we had the opportunity to demolish a barn near Beiseker, Alberta. We had quite a few things going for us – Mat, Kris’s brother, has an arborist business and has trucks, cranes, and trailers as well as a spirit for adventure. Kris has a friend who is an amazing welder who helped Kris make the “Separator” (he always says this with an Arnold Schwartzenegger accent) to help us persuade the boards to detach from each other.  And we had a great deal of optimism, work gloves and coffee!

  Now the challenges. We had one week to get it done and cleaned up as we were leaving for the UK for a month. The barn was 2 stories, 40’ x 20’. We had no idea what we were doing. It was really really cold. Our help came and went. Many slivers.  Much dust and ***.  And did I mention it was really really cold?

   We did manage to get it down (many thanks to Mat and his crane truck!) and the boards transported to a variety of holding spots. Then came many hours of cleaning the wood, pulling thousands of nails (thank you to Dad and Juan and Keri!) and finding new spots for storage (thank you Mom and Fritz and Linda!).

  Now the fun part – as we sanded and planed, the beauty of the wood made all of our efforts worthwhile. So much character and gorgeous colors with grain patterns that you do not see in any modern wood.

  We spent the next few years honing our woodworking and finishing skills, learning from the masters around us as well as the masters on Youtube.  Thanks God for Youtube.

  Now we are excited to be a part of the beautiful Okanagan Valley community, working with clients that want unique quality pieces that function perfectly in their space. Let's be creative together!

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